HC780 Analogue Professional Series

Built to withstand the most extreme conditions, the HC780plus portable UHF two-way radio offers best in class shock, dust, vibration and moisture resistance technology, with a fully integrated keypad and easy to read LCD display for sending and receiving messages day or night.

Featuring sleek, hardwearing design, the lightweight HC780plus ensures unrivalled communication using the highest quality built-in microphone for crisp audio at any noise level and contains one of the longest battery lifespans in the market.

Including a MIL STD 810 /C/D/E rating, the HC780plus is constructed to IP65 water and dust specifications for added security and practicality. Fully programmable and performance focused, the HC780plus is our toughest, most versatile two-way radio.

Features & Benefits
  • High Quality Audio: Loud crisp audio regardless of noise level (1 watt audio output)
  • Flexibility: 512 Channel fully programmable & built-in LCD Display.
  • High Quality Microphone
  • Compatibility: Programmable and compatible with Motorola Two Way Radio accessories, earpieces and headsets.
  • Designed and developed in Australia.
  • High Battery Life: Lightweight 1700 mah Li-Ion battery
  • Durability: The heed hc780plus Series Radio also has a MIL STD 810/C/D/E rating.