HC620 Analogue Professional Series

Sleek, lightweight and reliable, the Heed HC620plus Portable UHF two-way radio is the consummate all rounder. Featuring the latest in shock, dust and moisture resistant protection technology, the HC620plus provides seamless, long-lasting performance even in the most unforgiving locations.

For the ultimate in all-weather protection and added security, the HC620plus had been developed to IP65 water and dust proof specifications and features a MIL STD 810/C/D/E rating.

Designed and developed with the latest in shock, dust, vibration and moisture resistant, the Heed HC620Plus Series Portable UHF Radio is tough to beat.

Features & Benefits
  • High Quality Audio: Loud crisp audio regardless of noise level (1 watt audio output)
  • Flexibility: 16 Channel fully programmable.
  • High Quality Microphone
  • Compatibility: Programmable and compatible with Motorola Two Way Radio accessories, earpieces and headsets.
  • Designed and developed in Australia.
  • High Battery Life: Lightweight 1700 mah Li-Ion battery
  • High Visibility: Available in Hi-Vis yellow or black.

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