HC528 Analogue Professional Series

The HC528 is Heed’s state-of-the-art, submersible two-way radio. Developed for the world’s toughest work places – including mines, industrial manufacturing, surf and aquatic environments – the HC528’s commercial grade construction provides long-lasting performance; shock and vibration resistance; and dust and moisture protection, ensuring reliability and longevity under the most hostile conditions.   The HC528 Radios utilizes the latest Lithium-Ion 1500mah Battery, technology wide frequency band to meet any licencing changes and strongly constructed belt clip to withstand the harshest use.

Features & Benefits
  • Water Dust Protection: Submersible to IP67 Approved standards – Tightly sealed for total protection against dust and water.
  • Flexibility: Total Flexibility with 128 Channels and widest frequency band
  • Longest Battery Life: Lightweight maximum capacity 1500Mah Li-ion Battery ensures longer radio use when you need your radio most
  • 24 Months Radio Warranty
  • Designed and developed in Australia

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