About Us

Established in 2011, Heed is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of wireless two-way radio products.

Born out of a desire to create professional, technically superior two-way radios for the international market, Heed’s range of digital and analog radios have set a new industry standard on price, performance, audio quality, weight and durability.

With over 25 years experience servicing the two-way radio community, each and every Heed product has been specifically designed in conjunction with our users. The result is a range of reliable, state-of-the-art products, specifically created to meet the exacting needs of our customers and the industry.

Featuring the latest technological advances – from intelligent audio, integrated data capacity and battery life – and manufactured against our robust and uncompromising quality controls, each Heed product is guaranteed to deliver the highest quality professional performance.

Heed – communicate with confidence.